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  • . Personas que realizan trabajos varios: General maintenance, electrical installations and repairs. The suitable candidate must possess a clean police conduct and those holding the Enemalta Licence A will be given preference. An attractive... VALHMOR BORG IMP/EXP LTD.
  • . Técnicos en control de procesos no clasificados bajo otros epígrafes: Working in our maintenance and facilities department the Technician will be responsible for the upkeep of various maintenance equipment including plant room and production related machines, duties,... TRELLEBORG SEALING SOLUTIONS.
  • . Vendedores por teléfono: Contact centre agent dealing with calls coming from Spanish and UK market servicing and selling cruise products. The role requires the reservation agent to deliver exceptional service and sales... SMS LTD. - NCL CALL CENTRE.
  • . Operadores de máquinas lavarropas: Loading and unloading washing machines, folding up linens. Laundry and dry cleaning (if applicable) operations, including efficient work flow and maximum machine utilization, while ensuring high... STAFF SERVICES (MALTA) LIMITED.
  • . Especialistas en tratamientos de belleza y afines: We are looking for a full-time, qualified beauty therapist to work in our busy salon. Must be familiar with facials, waxing and massage. Performance bonus offered. Full time on contract basis.... AYUR.VEDA.
  • . Técnicos en asistencia al usuario de tecnología de la información y las comunicaciones: Providing technical support including installation, configuration, upgrades, maintenance, cabling, repairing, replacing computer parts and other hardware located in the workshop or on site in... WST SYSTEMS LIMITED.
  • . Empleados de contabilidad y cálculo de costos: ST Hotels is looking for an Office Clerk to work within the Properties Department. Main duties include greeting customers and assist them in their queries, booking of property rentals, viewing... ST HOTELS LIMITED.
  • . Secretarios administrativos y ejecutivos: Forming part of a group of office administrators and handle phone calls and customers. Training will be given to the ideal candidate. Good knowledge of Microsoft Outlook and Excel is a must,... PHARMA-COS LIMITED.
  • . Técnicos en ciencias físicas y en ingeniería no clasificados bajo otros epígrafes: The selected applicant will take charge of the installation department and be responsible for all installations carried out by the company, servicing of its products and schedule works for a... MICALLEF STEPHEN.
  • . Técnicos en ciencias biológicas (excluyendo la medicina): The right candidates will be required to take samples on site as well as process the samples taken in the Laboratory. The job requires able bodied persons who are willing to work under pressure... SOLIDBASE LABORATORY LTD.
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