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Copywriter/content Writer For Biotech Company

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Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:

Job description

Are you a copywriter and skilled with content writing? Do you have an interest in science and want to work in an environment with a high level of scientific knowledge? Are you a team player who likes to create content in a collaborative effort? If yes, then check this out: We are looking for a person to help us develop Mabtech’s tone of voice for all our customer communication!


Mabtech is currently looking for a creative candidate to join their marketing team in Nacka Strand. In the role as copywriter/content writer, your main responsibility is to produce text in various formats, e.g. content for folders, website, social media and ads. You will be working with a team of three others – a scientific writer/communicator, a graphical designer and the head of marketing and sales. Together you will be responsible for Mabtech’s rebranding journey.

Your main tasks will include, but not be restricted to:

• Lead the development and implementation of Mabtech’s tone of voice.

• Be highly involved in Mabtech´s branding strategy and brand identity.

• Write copy and content for print and web.

• Write text for brochures, flyers, webpages, social media updates, templates, etc.

• Proofread scientific and informative communication.

• Be involved in planning of marketing activities regarding all products.


The right candidate will have a background in creative writing/communication and/or copywriting. To thrive in the role, you should have a natural ability to play with words and enjoy being creative in your writing. Since all the texts are in English, you need to have the ability to quickly and professionally write and edit in English. We also need you to be a team player; as the products can be quite complicated, most texts will be written as a team effort. For example, copy will be proofread by a scientist, whereas scientific texts may be proofread by you. Your main role is to make all texts attractive. Experience from a scientific environment is meritorious but no requirement. In the interview stage we would very much appreciate to see a portfolio with content you have been a part of creating.

Mabtech offers a fun and creative position in a flexible and friendly working environment. This is a great opportunity if you want to work in a role where you can influence your own work and grow in both skills and experience.

Do you think this add was poorly written and that you could have written it in a better way? Then please apply for the position!


In this recruitment process, Mabtech is collaborating with Randstad Life Sciences. For further information regarding the position, please contact recruitment consultant Heidi Pettersson,

Because of GDPR we are not allowed to handle applications by e-mail and applications sent through e-mail will therefore not be processed.

The last application date will be on 2020-09-20.

About the company

Mabtech is a Swedish biotech company with HQ in Nacka Strand (Stockholm) and a sales office in Cincinnati, OH. Our mission is to aid researchers to reach new frontiers and develop novel drugs, by supplying antibody-based tests and related instruments. Customers include vaccine development companies and labs within the fields of cancer, infectious diseases, allergy and transplantation.

País del trabajo: Suecia.

Región: Stockholms län.

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Número de puestos: 1.

Tipo de puesto: Contratación directa.

Tipo de contrato: Jornada completa.

Empleador: Randstad AB.

Instrucciones para solicitar:

Identificador de la vacante:24217622.

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